Men’s Performance Edge


 Is it any wonder that testosterone replacement therapies have been associated with serious side effects, as indeed estrogen replacement therapies have?  Clinical scientists and more open-minded individuals in the medical community are beginning to realize that the best answer to anti-aging and its associated testosterone hormone decline is to provide the phytonutrient complexes which enhance the body’s natural prohormone precursor production and also actually rejuvenate the body’s own testosterone production.
As a result of this clearer scientific approach, we now have available a potent, natural testosterone maximizing botanical formula which also includes natural testosterone precursors tohelp provide a safer and more natural approach.

Quantum Men’s Performance Edge
45 Capsules
1 to 3 May be taken.
South American Muira Puama Bark (Ptychopetalum ola.)
Called “potency wood” due to its aphrodisiac-like qualities and effective use in promoting healthy erectile function, libido rejuvenation and better sexual function* Tones, balances and strengthens overall body functions, including the central nervous system and calming of nerves* Promotes healthy mood and calm mind* Protects brain cells; encourages better memory* Promotes male and female hormone balance* Helps relieve pain and fatigue*
Phillipinian Long Jack Root or TongkatAli (Eurycoma longifolia)
Contains phytochemical constituents called quassinoids that support superior immune system function* Supports testosterone production by acting as a hormone modulator* Helps stimulate the body’s own natural testosterone production in the Leydig cells of the testicles, thus supporting healthy libido in men*
Chinese Horny Goat Weed (Epimedium grand.)
Supports healthy libido and male reproductive health* Helps build vitality, energy levels, hormone balance, blood flow, and vascular and nervous system function*
Indian Tribulus Terrestris
Called “testosterone’s best friend”; this botanical agent is not a hormone but supports healthy testosterone production by its influence on LH (luteinizing hormone)* (LH stimulates the secretion of sex hormones from the gonads in both men and women.) Supports healthy libido and sexual performance in men* When taken during exercise programs, it may help maximize muscle and strength gains*
South American Maca Root (Lepidium meyenii)
Known as “Peruvian ginseng”, this plant grows in the highest elevation in the world, more than 15,000 feet above sea level in the Andes Mountains Used for thousands of years by Peruvian natives for endurance, healthy libido, reproductive health and fertility* Helps balance hormones and increase energy levels*
South American Catuaba Bark (Erythroxylum catuaba)
Used for generations in Brazil to support healthy sexual function; considered to be one of the most potent libido supporters* Helps clear fatigue, increase energy, and boosts memory* Provides a feeling of calmness by supporting the nervous system*
South American Sarsaparilla (Smilax medica) Contains steroidal saponins, of which the principal one is sarsapogenin; supports healthy hormone balance in men* Long history of use as a male sexual rejuvenator and in bodybuilding programs, used as an anabolic maximizer for strength, muscle and high energy*
Organic Peruvian Cacao Bean (Theobroma cacao)
Unprocessed, raw bitter cacao; contains up to 57% cocoa butter (a healthy fat) Neurotransmitters: Cacao helps increase neurotransmitter levels in the brain to promote a positive outlook; facilitates body rejuvenation; promotes a heightened sense ofwell-being* Antioxidants: Cacao has high levels of antioxidant flavonoids (i.e. polyphenols, predominantely epicatechin and catechin), up to four times the polyphenol levels found in green tea. Serotonin: Cacao helps raise the level of serotonin in the brain, thus acting as mood booster; helps reduce mild PMS systems; promotes a sense of feeling good* Endorphins: Stimulates the secretion of endorphins, producing a pleasurable sensation similar to the “runner’s high” a jogger feels after running* Phenylethylamine: This is a natural phytochemical found in cacao that is also produced in the brain and released when we are “in love”; acts as mood elevator; helps increase focus and alertness* Anandamide: This phytochemical is known as the “bliss chemical” because it is released by the brain when we are feeling great. Cacao contains both N-acylethanolamines, believed to temporarily increase the levels of anandamide in the brain and enzyme inhibitors that slow its breakdown; promotes relaxation and sense of well being* Heart Health: Promotes cardiovascular health*
Co-factors and Synergists:
Cayenne (pepper) (Capsicum min.)
Chinese Chrysin
Indian Kali Marich (seed) (Piper nigrum)
Ecuadorian Stinging Nettle (leaf) (Urtica dioica)
Ginger (root) (Zingiber off)
Ecuadorian Pumpkin (seed) (Curcurbita pepo)
100% Natural Quantum Premiere Testosterone (QPT) is the safest and most potent anabolic supplement you can buy without a prescription. We use the highest quality tribulus terrestris, muira puama, maca and other key testosterone maximizers to protect the male system so there’s no fear of the negative side effects normally associated with chemical anabolic steroids. So, what are you waiting for? Watch the results of QPT for your workouts and produce the body you’ve always wanted!

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 2.3 × 2.3 × 3.9 in

Extra Virgin (Non Flavored), Piña Colada, Mango, Lemon Lime