Blood Pressure Rem-D (180 Caps)


Blood Pressure Rem-D (180)
Our most sought after natural formula to help control high blood pressure.

This supplement contains an excellent variation of nutrients geared to help support high blood pressure.
Blood Pressure Rem-D is our top selling and most effective formula to help with high blood pressure. This product can be taken one capsule three times a day or two capsules twice per day if blood pressure is higher than the normal range. Three capsules can be taken at once if pressure is very high. Results should be noticed within 15 minutes. This product can be taken one to two hours after taking HBP medicine.

Supplement Facts
Serving Size: 1 Capsule

  • Vitamin C 60mg
  • Niacin  2.5mg.
  • Vitamin B 6  5mg
  • Folic acid  100mcg
  • Vitamin B12 100mcg
  • Garlic Powder (blub)  150mg
  • Hibiscus Flower Powder  100mg
  • Olive Leaf (18%extract)  125mg
  • Hawthorn extract (leaf and flower)  175mg
  • Buchu Leaf (4:1 extract)  25mg
  • Uva Ursi Leaf (4:1 extract)  15mg
  • Juniper Berry Powder   15mg
  • Green Tea Leaf 50% extract)   15mg

Suggestions: If blood pressure is in the normal range; Take one to three capsules times per day with meals. If pressure is higher than normal, two capsules may be taken two or up to three times per day. For a stronger effect take three capsules as needed.


Blood Pressure Rem-D is our best-selling natural formula for regulating blood pressure (low or high).  It is our best-selling formula to help high blood pressure and  is recommended to take three capsules per day or two capsules twice a day if the blood pressure is higher than the normal ranges. In cases where the pressure is very high, 3 capsules can be taken at that time( Notable results within 20 minutes). It can be consumed even if the person takes medication from a doctor for blood pressure. It contains Tejocote, Garlic, Jamaica, Juniper Berry, Uva Ursi, Buchu Leaf and more. 90 capsules, for one month.

Blood Pressure Rem-D es nuestra formula natural mas vendida para el apoyo a la precion alta.
Blood Pressure Rem-D. Es nuestra formula mas vendida para ayudar la presión alta.  Se recomienda tomar tres capsulas por día o dos capsulas dos veces por día si la presión esta mas alto de los rangos normales.  En casos que la presión este muy alta, 3 capsulas se pueden tomar en ese momento.  Resultados notables dentro de 20 minutos.  Se puede consumir aun si la persona toma medicamento de doctor para la presión.  Contiene Tejocote, Ajo, Jamaica,  Baya de Enebro, Uva Ursi, Hoja de Buchu y mas.  90 capsules, para un mes.

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