Altera Gum (2 Pack)


This is the newest and coolest male and female sexual enhancer.
It is effective in 20 to 25 minutes after chewing for 10 minutes.
Altera Gum is a natural gum based formula made of aphrodisiac factors known to increase sexual desire and performance for both sexes.
This gum is designed male and/or females looking to increase their sexual perfomrance and desire.
It is not as strong as the Altera Gold or Platino but still very effective.
It is recommended to be taken on an empty sotmach 20 minutes prior to sexual activity.
It can also be taken on a full stomach, the key here is to keep the flavor under the tongue as it was a sublingual tablet.
NOTE: This supplement is not intended for kids, woman especially pregnant or lacktating or any men under the age of 18.

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Supplement Facts:
Serving Size: 1 Gum  Serving Per Container 2
Amount per Serving: 150mg
Altera Gum Proprietary Blend 150mg.
Herbal epimedi, rhodiola sacra, ginseng, polygonatum, dodder seed and cinnamon.

Directions: Chew one to two pieces of gum 25 minutes prior to intimacy for 10 minutes.  For best result use on an empty stomach.
Uso Sugerido: Mastique por 10 minutos una o dos gomas 25 minutos antes de una acto de intimidad.  Para mejores resultados use en estomago vacio.
Precautions: Consult with a Physician of you have heart problems.  Stop using this product if an undesirable effect develops.
Precauciones:  Consulte con su Doctor si padece de problemas Cardiovasculares.  Discontinue el uso si desarrola un sintoma desagradable.
Keep or of Reach of Children
Mantenga Fuera del alcance de Niños.

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