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Reasons to try this product.
1. Many can use it: Anyone sexually active should try it and experience much more passion, adventure and/or excitement
2. Does what it says. This formula, Yohimbe FREE, helps to repeat the act, maintian firmness and increase the size of the membrane.
3. Yohimbe Free: This product does not contain Yohimbe and as such is more apt to work for people with hypertension.
4. Diabetics: Many diabetics can find effectiveness in this all natural product.
5. Practicality: Use only one pill when needed. Recomended to be taken 45 minutes prior to the act.
6. Effective w/ alcohol. It is safe and effective to take when men need it most. Although this product is not recommended to be taken with alcohol. Composed of Chinese herbs. Altera Gold is the most popular product in our store and has helped many men achieve the desire and experience they lacked with one simple natural supplement.
Ingredients: Serving Size: 1 Cap: 390mg: Bombyx Mori L. Extract, Wild Yam Extract, Siberian Ginseng, White Willow Extract, Jujube Extract, Cayanne Extract, Stinging Nettles Extract.

Recommendations: Take one capsule on an empty stomach 45 minutes prior to sexual activity.
The capsule may be taken in with liquids but not solid foods. Alternative method of taking: For stronger and faster effect, the contents of one Altera Gold capsule may be mixed in 2oz of water on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.
NOTE: This supplement is not intended for kids, woman especially pregnant or lactating and any men under the age of 18.
What is ALtera Gold? ALtera Gold is a natural, safe and very effective male enhancer. It is very practical, since it is only taken when needed and has no known side effects.
What should I expect after taking ALetra Gold? Within 45 minutes one will expect a very natural hard erection when stimulation occurs. The effect allows one to have a longer lasting and more passionate sexual experience. In many cases it allows for the person to repeat the act minutes after the first one is over. The feeling is natural with no drowsiness, headaches or irritations. Overall the sexual act becomes much more pleasing for men as well as women.
Where does the product come from? This is an oriental combination of herbs, amino acids, enzymes and vitamins meticulously processed in a highly controlled production environment.
Is there a risk when taking it? Unlike other supplements that contain yohimbe, ALtera Gold is yohimbe FREE, with no side effects and a better alternative for people with hypertension. Although it is a natural supplement one should not continue to take it if it produces a notable discomfort.
Do I need a Prescription? Since ALtera Gold is 100% natural it does not require a prescription medication. This lets you know that the product is safe and has no side effects.
How long does it last? On average the effect of one pill lasts 6 hours but some people have notices effect up to 48hrs. This does not mean that there will be an erection for that long, in order for it to take effect, stimulation has to occur. The effects vary from one individual to the next depending on health, and contents of the stomach. Food diminished the effects of the pill as well as alcohol.
Can I take it with alcohol? ALtera works safe and effective with alcohol. Actually many “healthy” individuals take it under the influence since an erection is harder to attain at those times. So yes it is safe to consume with alcohol. Alcohol does diminish the potency of the capsule but not significant. Food on the other hand diminishes the total effect.
How about premature ejaculation? The other major advantage of ALtra Gold is that it promotes for a longer lasting act. It is recommended for premature ejaculation. The other advantage is that it will help repeat the sexual act.
Can women take ALtra Gold? Yes, women have shown to have a positive effect when taking this supplement. Although there is another formula specific for women, “ALtra for women”, ALtra Gold may be the product that provides women with the sensation and benefits they are looking for. The best advice is to try one and see the results. Since it is a natural supplement it has no risks or adverse effects.
What ingredients does it have? ALtera Gold is a natural supplement. It has a combination of powerful amino acids, herbs and enzymes plus a mixture of Native Chinese herbs.
When do I have to take it and how? The biggest and most practical things about ALtera Gold it that it’s only taken when needed. It is not like many other supplements that have to be taken daily. ALtera Gold, for maximum effect, should be taken 45 minutes prior to the act, on an empty stomach. ALtera may be taken with liquids but not with food.
Does it have a reaction with prescription medications? Although, there is no reaction with other drugs it is recommended that it be taken at least two hours before or after taking any medication.
Are there any adverse effects in taking the product? Although there have been no reports of adverse side effects, if any discomfort is felt, discontinue use immediately and drink 16oz of distilled water.
**For strongest effect: Dilute contents of pill in two ounces of water, take 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. This technique allows for maximum effect and quicker response time. If drinking alcohol, take one pill with two glasses of water.

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