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Alpislte & Chia Milk / Canary & Chia Instant

Price: $21.00

Canary and Chia seeds have become a very popular to help support healthy blood sugar levels among other things.  

The main issue is processing and preparing the canary seed into a drink.  
This presentation helps you avoid all the complications dealing with the preparation.  
Just mix with cold water and its ready to drink.  

Also recognized for its benefits to the cardiovascular system (cholesterol and hypertension).

This presentation contains:
Ground and Pulvorized ready to mix and drink
Canary (Seed) / Alpiste (Semilla)
Chia (Seed) / Chia (Semilla)
Cinnamon (BARK) / Canela (Corteza)

Chia seeds are know for it's positive health effects such as:

-Boosting energy
-Stabalizing Blood Sugar
-Aiding Digestion
-Lowering Cholesterol
-Improving Blood Pressure in Diabetics

AlpisChia Comes in a bottle of 17.6oz.

Ingredients: Canary (Seed), Chia (Seed), Cinnamon (Bark)

Directions: Dissolve in a glass of water 2 tablespoons in the morning and 2 in the night.

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