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Aloe Vera Black Label

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TOP 10 Best Selling Product.
Benefits. Weight Loss, Detoxification of the Colon, Constipation, Heart burn, Acid Reflux. 
Quality. This organic Aloe Vera with pulp is our Premium aloe that you can actually see the difference.  See the pulp.  This is not your typical watered down aloe juice or aloe gel (filtered).
Practicality. Practical because of its ease of use:  Take 8 oz of juice at least 45 minutes before breakfast.
Taste. Suttle, clean and natural taste with with a hint of strawberry. (no flavor available).  If you don't like a product you will not drink it. That is why this great tasting formula is easy to take. 
This supplement may aid in indigestion, heart burn and constipation.  This product is not a laxative but it will help with bowel movement.
Ingredients: Aloe Vera (Organic).

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