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African Mango

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African Mango . 

This formula contains 300mg of African Mango and 150mg of Green Tea per capsule.  Nothing else added.
Works very well at controlling appetite and burning fat without causing any anxiety.  Safe and effective for people with
Hypertension or Diabetes.  Its is so safe you can take two or four capsules per day.  Best of all we offer it a the best price
online and at our retail location.  Compare other formulas of African Mango and you will see that they only have a minimum
amount of the mango and lots of mood altering herbs such as guarana, l-carnitine or caffeine.  You have to try this formula. 

1. Acts as a natural fat burner

2. Suppresses appetite by means of the regulation of leptin. Leptin is a hormone known to greatly contribute to obesity. It is the hormone that controls the sense of satiety. The lower the level of leptin% 2C you will have more desire to eat which will result in youn't eat more food and it will be much more difficult getting rid of the extra kilos.

3. It slows the digestive process. Another of the benefits of the mango african for weight loss is that helps to delay the digestion process% 2C which means that it will take longer to process the food and therefore it won't take you more in return to feel hungry.
4. High fiber content. In addition to the foregoing% 2C the fruit is a source of soluble fiber.

African Mango seed extract Equivalent to 1,200 mg of pure African Mango seeds (Irving Gabonesis), and Green Tea Extract

Directions: Take one capsule 15 to 30 min before each meal.

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